Sunday, April 23, 2006

Oh hello. Been down in Chesham all week. Nice place.
Did a 25, 10 and 15 mile ride on Friday, Saturday and Sunday over Easter.
The government tell us that they are worried lots of people might vote BNP in the local elections. The government of the day (in the person of Margaret Hodge, a particulary unpleasant left wing harridan) preaches to us its bad to vote BNP, in other words, its bad to vote for someone that isn't them. Governments shouldn't be telling us who to vote for.
The BNP may well be a nasty bunch of racists, and they have had dealings with islamists, but they are a political party which puts them on the same level as the other politicos. The same bunch of self-serving loudmouths that are just looking for power.


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